Bulgarian dictionary for Ispell

Copyright (c) 2002, Miroslav Pendev (miro@cybershade.us)

Permission to use, copy, redistribute is granted.
Permission to redistribute modifications in patch form is granted.
Permission to redistribute binaries made of modified sources is granted.
All other rights reserved.

Забележка: Този речник за ispell е обединен с bgOffice Project! Речника, който се намира тук е относително малък в сравнение с обединения речник. Все пак, ако се интересувате от по-малък речник или от компилирана версия за FreeBSD (или порт) това е правилното място. Афикс файла (.aff), който е тук е базиран на статистика за най-често повтаряните афикси в базата с думи. Афикс файла в bgOffice е правен с помоща на "Морфология на Българският език".

From Date Download
8 September 2002
11 September 2002
compiled for FreeBSD
11 September 2002
package for FreeBSD
11 September 2002
Това е последната версия на речника от bgOffice компилиран за FreeBSD.
ver. 4.0 compiled for FreeBSD
17 April 2004
17 April 2004

What's in the package:

This Dictionary was build with Ispell Version 3.2.06 on FreeBSD 4.6 STABLE Currently, it contains 79 268 root words. With the all affix combination that means exactly 107 503 words. Well I know it is not perfect, but with some help from you it can become much better.

CREDITS - 'With little help from my friends'
README - is what you read here.
bg.aff - Affix file with prefixes and suffixes.
bg.dict - The Dictionary file with affix flags.
bg.hash - The Hash file. This is what ispell need to work.

For more information: `$ man ispell' (man is your friend!) ;-)


If you have bright ideas like, how to get more words, or how to make the .aff file better, please do not hesitate, contact me: miro@cybershade.us or look at bgOffice Project.

The latest version:

The latest version can be found here: http://www.cybershade.us/freebsd/ispell/

Why I did it?

Well, I did it with the goal to be FREE for the UNIX people translating docs into Bulgarian. I made it, because I work on the translation of FreeBSD docs into Bulgarian and I was looking for spell checker.
Apparently, Ispell is ALL YOU NEED!

10 Sept. 2002

Miroslav Pendev <miro@cybershade.us> WWW: http://www.cybershade.us Sept. 2002