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WinWGet is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Wget. It is FREE. It will keep track of your downloads - add, clone, edit, delete jobs. It will not make coffee for you! It is expected from you to know what options you need, yet it comes with reasonable defaults.

At this time the interface is available only for Windows OS. Soon it will be available for Unix/Linux.

The current version is 0.20 and is beta.

Features (GUI and wget)

  • Threaded jobs
  • Monitor Clipboard for URL's (or new URLs only)
  • Resume for downloads
  • Mozilla integration through 'Download with' extension (command line URL) - how to
  • Mozilla integration through 'Launchy' (sample launchy.xml file)
  • Jobs export into HTML file
  • Predefined user-agents (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Flashget, MediaPlayer :-) and etc...)
  • Support for asp/php redirection and http authentication
  • Multiple ftp files/dirs download (? and * chars)
  • Bit rate limit (download speed)
  • check wget docs for more...



Note: Developed and distributed under GPL license.


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