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The current version 0.20 is beta.

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WinWGet v. 0.20b Zip file (wget not included)
from 17 May 2004
  Install package (wget & SSL libs included)

Wget v.1.9.1b MS Windows binary of wget Please download both wget binary and the SSL libs.
Wget SSL libs v.097c SSL support libs - you need them

WinWGet sources Project files (Under GPL license)  
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty
See the GNU General Public License for more details.


WinWGet History:
  version 0.20  
  • TextIsURL check for the command line params
  • added TrayIcon
  • "OK & Run" button in Add Job dialog
  • added AutoVersion
  • small bug fixes
  • fixed bug - InfoView width
  • Tray Icon with pop-up menu, new Icon
  • fixed AddJobByAddress - it doesn't work at first start with command line URL
  • dynamic scrollbars in the InfoView - allowing view for long address lines
  • new install files - now using 'want'
  • XPTheme.res removed
  • added new wget.exe folder
  • fix for 'No Name' jobs
  • new icon
  • fixed small bug in activating
  • docs - added Download with - how to
  • Monitor clipboard for new URLs only
  • WinWGet now accepts jobs through command line
  • Mozilla integration using "download with" Mozilla extension
  version 0.19  
  • fixed WinWGet is not using the correct job name after paste from the clipboard
  • code cleaning
  • added DownloadSpeed Job Parameter, merged Progress and CurrentFile
  • text docs updates
  • added some new parsed param - last started date and others are added
  • added command line URL - addjob.
  • some problems with winwget already running
  • FileMapping - not working (AccessViolation), small web site changes
  version 0.17  
  • added check for running program during uninstall
  • fixed Incorrect Reset and Delete job actions
  • added: Create shortcut in QuickLaunch bar, Now using InnoSetup 4.1.8.
  version 0.16  
  • double click to start job and clone job
  • RunJob action bug fix - wasn't attached to actions
  • added actCopyToClipboard and off/on
  • corrected small memory leak
  • some bug fixes
  version 0.15  
  • bug fixes (lots of them)
  version 0.14  
  • new Icons added
  • added export to HTML
  • the program can not be executed twice anymore
  • dynamic enable/disable for buttons
  • fixed the tab order
  version 0.13  
  • added missing -np param
  version 0.12  
  • Added Installer
  • MonitorClipboard Fix
  version 0.11  
  • autoname jobs implemented

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